Be your own Dream Expert!

The Ultimate Platinum Dream Course
Investment $1200

Do your best work asleep by opening a window into your uncharted dreamscape. This course offers you tools to delve deeper into what your dreams mean to you. It will bring more meaning to your Life’s Purpose and help reveal your Healing Wisdom and Innate Creativity.

  • Course Overview
    Six 45-minute calls with Lyn to discuss your dreams, one per month for 6 months!
  • 6 Online Modules of 3 Lessons Each, structured consecutively to learn over 6 months.
  • 18 Audio Contemplations, 18 Video Lesson Overviews, 18 Worksheets in PDF.
  • Bonus Materials – Lyn’s Dream Samples, Video & Audio Inspirations & much more!
  • Course participants have the option of joining a Dream Life Circle for free (without the $20/month fee) for up to one year from course registration date.

Intended Results

  • Increased dream awareness will aid you to know yourself better, forgive yourself and others more and thereby help you heal personal relationships.
  • Improved clarity of your deepest desires through your dream messages. This will inform you how to increase purpose and productivity in your job or business.
  • Improvement of your physical, mental and emotional health as you receive more dream messages and then act upon them in waking life.

Why I do this
I wish someone had informed me about the dream process when I first started delving into my dream messages. It would have been so helpful to have had that door opened and a guide to take me through it. But over the course of many years since then, through regular devotion and documentation, I discovered the gifts of their wisdom. It is a lot like being able to talk with God or a Spirit Guide or whatever you may consider as your Higher Power!

Shamans and leaders of every culture back to Neanderthal clans have depended on dream visions and messages for tribal guidance, community healing and prophecy. The Bible is filled with the dream prophecies of spiritual leaders. Kings and queens regularly consulted Dreamers to interpret dreams for them.

That being said, this course will simply give you a good start in knowing How Your Dreams Speak To You. I will be a witness to reflect your dreams and help you create practices and rituals so you can Be Your Own Dream Expert.

Dreams draw from our primal core and can bring up strong feelings and hidden fears. I take this to heart! We will clear the blocks and shadows as they come up which prevent your dream messages from coming through with clarity. And I provide full confidentiality as well as honour your desire for privacy if dream messages are too uncomfortable to divulge.