The Wise Dreamer

A Self-Paced Online Course
Investment $333

Join me in An Exploration of Dream Magic!

  • This course teaches simple but effective practices that help you get in touch with your dream messages and harness their incredible power to heal and transform your life!
  • This is a holistic and spiritual approach to embracing dreams and therefore will enhance your health and well-being overall, as well as improve your relationships.
  • It is designed for those who may be a bit “confused” by dreams as well as those who have had success at navigating their dream landscape but want to take it further.
  • 3 topics are explored in each of 3 modules for a total of 9 units or lessons.
  • Each topic is accompanied by a video, an audio track and a PDF Worksheet.
  • With each succeeding topic you will further awaken your Sleeping Wisdom.
  • You will unlock your own unique dream symbols, archetypes and language.
  • You are also offered rituals and devotions to integrate Dream Life with Waking Life.
  • All of the materials provided are downloadable for reference and reuse.
  • It is self-paced but designed to take place over the course of about 3 months.
  • Course participants have the option of joining a Dream Life Circle for free (without the $20/month fee) for up to one year from course registration date.
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